Mid-night cowboy shoot was a stepping stone for me.I had never shot outdoors and was a bit nervous as too getting caught for whatever legal reasons. Being that I'm still pretty green to the business of photography I don't really know whats allowed and whats not in public..I think that's why i liked the thrill lol....I couldn't have asked for a better model, I always have the best times getting together with Shawn and shooting. After a few shots of quality tequila.....We both threw caution to the wind and headed outside with a light, cowboy hat and silver buckled belt in hand at mid night....hence the midnight cowboy theme. I submitted the images to YVY because I absolutely love the quality of work on there site and was pleasantly surprised when they said they want to post the images...I threw in the image Shawn and I have dubbed "cherry" You might get the reason for the name after reading the blog but if not..Ill just let your imagination play at it. .......I've been very blessed soo far with the help I've been receiving...Thank you Shawn and YVY.

Inverted Strength was a set I created using the model Cross.T. He
had such an amazing physique that screamed strength that I wanted to
do a set on it. I wanted to incorporate a fair amount of shadow to
really bring out the definition in his body, but by doing so I started
to lose details I liked, such as his tiger tattoo. I decided for a
visual effect I would layer inverted images on top of originals which
gave me a result that I loved. A image that looks almost super human.

When I test with a model for the first time, I usually offer them 4-6 fully
edited images for their time. In most cases their last image I call their
Finale image. In this image I get creative and give them back something
that's different/artistic. I like to think of the Finale image as the fireworks at
the end of a great collaboration between model and photographer.

These are sample images from my first year in photography.
March 2009 - March 2010

I had the great opportunity to shoot again with the amazingly fabulous Alexandra metal clown, Her Outfits and make up are over the top and she creates everything herself. Last time I shot Alexandra I told her I wanted to do a set with her that was more then just studio work. I thought it would be cool to shoot her in my apartments laundry room looking like she's doing domestic work while in full get up. I love when I can step away from the simple back drops of my apartment and try something that challenges me in places I'm uncomfortable a public laundry room! Alexandra is always amazing to work with, She's fun and can start posing on cue with out hesitation, Thank GOD... Because We ended up getting kicked out with in 15 mins of shooting...Security guard was not all to pleased....But I was told once your not a real photographer till you've been kicked out of a place. Im living on the a laundry room lol Thank you Alexandra Metal Clown for always looking amazing and trying this with me and your wonderful BF for holding my light while we shot and going with the flow while we were being kicked out lol.....Y.M.I.J.

After taking Photography a little more serious back in February-2010 and having people tell me I need to pursue this more.I made a Fan Page on Facebook and my goal was to get 200 Fans/Likes. After 200 your allowed to change your URL name....Of course I wanted Y.M.I.J. in the name. What I didn't expect was in such a short time to have hit 1,000 fans. So I wanted to do a photo shoot and call it "1,000" to celebrate a small milestone for me and include all the people that helped me in the process by telling there friends and family about me. I am not the biggest extrovert so I know with out there help I wouldn't be getting a lot of the recognition I've been getting as of late. So Thank you Shawn, Josh, Chad, Justin, V, Drew, Mels, Carina, Alexandra & Miles for supporting me and coming to this shoot! Also a special thanks to Larry for always helping me with my Blog and Kia for taking the time to edit and fix my interviews!